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After many years of service, Provider Reviews are being phased out. It is apparent that their use has been superseded by other sources of information. The last 5 years of reviews will remain posted until 6/30/24. This information, provided by Keowee Key residents, represents their experiences and opinions of service rendered. KeoweeCares for You offers no assurances for the validity of the information supplied, nor guarantees the user from harm. All risks are assumed by the user.


  • Easiest approach is to type into the search bar on right, above table header, key words, e.g., air con, auto, build, landscape, paint, remodel, etc.
  • Use the search boxes at the bottom of Submitted by, Provider, and Category columns.
  • Click on the up/down arrows in the column headers to sort results on the chosen column.
  • Page through the results with the pagination at bottom right.